Tips & tricks for the water kefir

In order to successfully make water kefir beverages, here are some helpful tips:

  • avoid the use of metal when handling water kefir grains; in fact, metal ions distort the bacilli contained in the kefir;
  • water kefir seeds are not to be eaten: they serve only to seed your drink;
  • always respect the recommended dosage: about 50 grams of water kefir seeds per 1 liter of water. If the seeds grow too much, simply divide them to always keep this proportion. Otherwise, the beverage could be very acid, undrinkable too;
  • use bottled still water or filtered tap water using Brita-type pitchers or devices;
  • hygiene compliance is essential: the container must be thoroughly washed after each culture. Water kefir seeds must be rinsed after each culture in cold water, and immediately put back in water;
  • if waste appears during the preparation (figs, fresh fruit, etc.), while rinsing the water kefir seeds it accumulates in the hollow of the strainer: all you have to do is gently recover the seeds and throw all that you will find in the hollow of the strainer, even if it means sacrificing some kefir « crystals »;
  • if you keep the beverage in the refrigerator, please pay attention to the gas excess that can cause the explosion of the container, especially if it is about sealed, glass bottles; you must leave the gas excess occasionally escape;
  • storing the beverage in the refrigerator slows down the fermentation;
  • some mixtures (fruits, etc.) may eventually damage the water kefir seeds and also slow down their development: in this case, it’s always better to keep aside a portion of the seeds (for that, please go to « How to store the seeds » chapter) and devote only a part of the seeds to the « exotic » mixtures;
  • dry fruits with preservatives should be avoided;
  • in order to enjoy all its benefits, the beverage should be prepared as and when you need it and consumed quickly:


- a young water kefir (fermented for 24 h) is slightly laxative and

 - a mature kefir (fermented for 48 h) slightly constipates.