How to store the water kefir seeds? 

If you take good care of them, the water kefir seeds will grow indefinitely.


What to do when we want to keep the seeds when we have too much of them, or just during our holidays?


The water kefir seeds can be put “on a hold” in the refrigerator crisper compartment, in a non-metallic container, into some sugared water in the same proportion as for the basic recipe: about 50 grams of water kefir seeds per 1 liter of water. The water should be in a sufficient amount, in order to cover all the seeds. In the mean time, make sure to leave them some space so they can have enough air.


You can also dry the seeds on a clean linen in the open air, simply by covering them with a muslin so that dust doesn’t penetrate. This way, you can store them in your kitchen cabinet, in a jar covered with a muslin retained by an elastic. In order to later reactivate the dried water kefir seeds, you will have to gradually soak them for 3-4 days in sugared lukewarm water (do not use hot water).The water must be changed gradually, as and when the reactivated grains increase in volume.


It is also possible to freeze the water kefir grains and then let them thaw in the open air.


Please notice that the dried milk kefir seeds and the thawed ones usually take longer to reactivate, so you have to be patient.