Benefits of water kefir

Before consuming beverages obtained from water kefir seeds and especially in case of health problems, we strongly recommend our users to see a doctor, as only a doctor is certified to prescribe a treatment. The consumption of beverages obtained from water kefir seeds can in no way replace the treatment, or if so, the user does this at his own risk and peril.


The water kefir shouldn’t be considered as being a "miracle product", but it could have its role to play in the internal body rebalancing. Many modern diseases are the result of an unbalanced diet, intestinal disorders, vitamin deficiency, etc. This gives quite often nutritional deficiencies, stress, tension, etc. Most of these inconveniences are solved once the body balance is restored, and this is where the water kefir could successfully act.


Being a natural probiotic,  the water kefir would be part of so-called « functional foods »; these are foods that, in addition to their nutritional function, provide physiological benefits, while helping to reduce the risk of diseases and take care of health.

Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle causes often imbalances of any kind. We eat too much, sometimes with a few variety of food and at irregular intervals, we lead a hectic life, have sometimes a stressful job... This is where water kefir could act: consumed on a regular basis, the water kefir beverage helps to restore order in the body.


Water kefir beverage acts in a soothing, revitalizing and stimulating way. It gives a well-being sensation. Moreover, the word « kefir » literally means « welness sensation ».


The balanced composition of the water kefir would strengthen the immune system (thus for the seniors, it would also be a great way to revitalize). On regular basis consumption, it would have positives effects on the intestinal disorders and would help to restore the intestinal flora. The water kefir beverage is also easily digestible and while transiting the body, it would clean and purify the intestines.