What is the water kefir?

Just like the milk kefir, the water kefir is a natural probiotic, composed of various bacteria.

The water kefir seeds are translucent and angular, and are formed as a result of the binding of polysaccharides by glucose.

It is about a symbiosis between lactobacilli and yeasts that are present in the mother culture.

If the conditions are optimal, the water kefir seeds are constantly renewed.

For its development, this type of kefir needs a base composed of: kefir fruit seeds, still water, sugar, dried fruits (usually figs) and acid fresh fruit (lemon).


The result of the fermentation is a sparkling and refreshing drink, whose texture is similar to those of a soda; its taste is neutral and highly appreciated. What we obtain is a high quality probiotic, a real concentration of bacteria and yeast beneficial for our health.

The drink is slightly alcoholic and contains carbon dioxide, which is actually what makes it fizzy. The alcohol degree is directly dependent on the fermentation time and also on the ingredients that are added into the water.

Number of kilocalories per 100 grams of water kefir: about 20

Source: "The probiotic miracle", Claire Pinson, IDEO editions 2012, p. 54