Kombucha basic recipe

Even if it is easy to achieve, the basic recipe for the kombucha drink needs patience, as it will be ready in about a week!

 Kitchen tools needed:


  • a pan for boiling the tea;
  • a non-metallic container: any glass will do (a canning jar for e.g.), opening as wide as possible;
  • a fine or medium mesh plastic strainer (if you use leaf tea);
  • a muslin and
  • an elastic.


Regarding the ingredients, you will need the followings:


  • a piece of kombucha strain (whatever form it has);
  • some recovery liquid (for the 1st drink);
  • non sparkling bottled water or filtered tap water;
  • 70 grams of sugar per liter of water and
  • 5 grams of tea, which means about 1-2 teaspoons of tea (equivalent of a teabag).


How to prepare the recipe? Steps to follow:


1. while preparing the tea, drop the kombucha strain into a soup dish containing cider vinegar; it helps to rinse the kombucha fungus with cider vinegar in order to prevent any mold, whose appearance is undesirable;


2. pour the water into the pan and then heat it;


3. put about 70 grams of sugar into the water which is still cold or warming gradually and mix until the sugar is completely melted;


4. once that water boiled, remove the pan from heat and add the tea into it;


5. let the tea infuse into the pan for about 10-15 minutes;


6. if you used tea leaves, retain them into a strainer;


7. if you have opted for tea bags, remove them from water;


8. cool tea until it has about 30°C;


9. pour the sweet tea into a glass container;


10. add approximately 10% of the previous beverage; if you make your first beverage, is the recovery liquid that you will need to add (you can also add a few drops of cider vinegar, only the first time);


11. put the kombucha strain into this liquid;


12. put a muslin retained by an elastic on the jar so that the air can circulate and in order to prevent dust to enter into it too;


13. place the fermentation container into a warm place, away from light and airflows.



You have to wait about a week and then continue preparing:


14. remove the kombucha with your hands (once your hands are carefully washed);


15. fill in a bottle the obtained beverage, using a strainer;


16. let the yeast precipitate into the fermentation container, but empty it every 4 weeks and rinse it with hot water;


17. carefully wash with the kombucha under tap water and place it into the fermentation container;


18. keep about 10% of the liquid from the fermentation container in order to further acidify the amount of tea to be prepared;


19. if you don’t drink immediately the beverage thus obtained, place the bottle containing it into a cool place;


20. carefully wash the jar as explained in the section "Hygiene compliance" for kombucha and proceed as above for the next beverage.