History of milk kefir

The name « kefir » would be derived from the Turkish word « keif » and would mean « well-being sensation ».


The milk kefir seeds are also known under the following names: « Prophet's millet », « Tibetan mushrooms » or « Snow Lotus ».

No one knows exactly the origin of the milk kefir. It is generally accepted that it would be a native of the North Caucasus secular tradition.


For the Muslim populations of this area, the kefir was considered as a gift from Allah. According to the legend, the tribes had received the milk kefir seeds from the hands of the Prophet Mohammed himself, as they were crossing the area about 1400 years ago.


That is the reason why the milk kefir seeds are also known under the name of « Prophet's millet » and the beverage obtained from these seeds, « the Drink of the Prophet ».