Equipment needed to brew milk kefir at home

Here’s what you need in order to prepare the basic milk kefir beverage:

  • milk kefir seeds (you will need about 20 grams of milk kefir seeds for 250 ml milk) and
  • animal milk (cow milk, goat milk, etc.), preferably whole or semi-skimmed milk. Wherever possible, skimmed milk is to be avoided. In fact, it is the whole animal milk that brings most of the nutrients to the living kefir seeds.

Regarding the kitchen tools, here's what you will need:

  • a non-metallic container: any glass will do (a canning jar for e.g.);
  • a muslin in order to cover the jar, using an elastic;
  • a fine mesh plastic strainer and
  • a small plastic spoon.

Togheter with your order you will receive the basic recipe for the milk kefir. You can also find the basic recipe for the water kefir on our dedicated recipes section.