Tips & tricks for the kombucha

In order to successfully make kombucha beverages, here are some helpful tips:

  • avoid putting the kombucha strain in contact with the metal, as the acids of the infusion react with it;
  • kombucha strains are not to be eaten: they serve only to seed your drink;
  • always respect the recommended dosage: a kombucha disk, about 70 grams of sugar per 1 liter of water and 5 grams of tea;
  • sweet tea should be pre-cooled before seeding the kombucha;
  • use bottled still water or filtered tap water using Brita-type pitchers or devices;
  • the fermentation lasts about one week (six to nine days, depending on the outdoor temperature). If allowed to ferment longer, the beverage could be quicky very acid;
  • the beverage should taste not too acidic and be slightly sweet;
  • hygiene compliance is essential: the container must be thoroughly washed after each culture. Kombucha strainer must be rinsed after each culture in cold water, and immediately put back in sweet, cooled tea;
  • if filaments occur during the preparation of the beverage, when rinsing the kombucha such waste can be filtered through a plastic strainer;
  • once the beverage obtained, filter it and put it in bottles, taking care to leave a little space for the air;
  • the drink is to be kept in the refrigerator, otherwise the fermentation continuous and it will have a sour taste;
  • please pay attention to the gas excess that can cause the explosion of the container, especially if it is about sealed, glass bottles; you must leave the gas excess occasionally escape.