Benefits of kombucha tea

Before consuming beverages obtained from kombucha and especially in case of health problems, we strongly recommend our users to see a doctor, as only a doctor is certified to prescribe a treatment. The consumption of beverages obtained from kombucha can in no way replace the treatment, or if so, the user does this at his own risk and peril.


Although kombucha is called, among others, "the fungus with a thousand virtues" or "miracle mushroom", it shouldn’t be considered as being a "miracle product". In the same way that there is no single cause of illness, it is unlikely that a miracle panacea exists.

According to the experts, the restoration of the intestinal flora is an important step in curing a disease. It is agreed that the kombucha promotes the internal rebalancing of the body and also the digestion: in our modern societies, abundant in industrial food, a microbiological adjuvant to digestion such as the kombucha can have very encouraging results.

In addition to the renewal of the intestinal flora, among the main qualities that are attributed to kombucha is strengthening the immune system, which in turn facilitates the healing of many diseases.

In addition to this, the kombucha is known as a real detoxifier, by its purifying action on the blood and also by its cleaning action on the kidneys.

...a little wink to see the results of the kombucha consumption on the body:


Picture at left:                                 Picture at right:

Without kombucha                          With kombucha


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