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Kefir and Kombucha Introduction

Kefir and Kombucha are the perfect solutions for a better health.


In our times when we eat more junk food and we face diseases often related to our modern lifestyle, a good way to take care of ourselves is by consuming natural probiotics:

  • water kefir,
  • milk kefir and
  • kombucha

Kefir and kombucha is a good way to take care of yourself, to preserve and to improve your health and wellbeing.


It's easy to prepare in our own home recipes based on probiotic grains like water kefir, milk kefir and kombucha.


All you need are some grains of water kefir, milk kefir or kombucha, all of which you can buy on our site in our shop. Wellbeing is within everyone's reach!.


WATER KEFIR grains provide a sparkling and refreshing drink, whose texture is similar to a soda. Its taste is a neutral one and it is a highly appreciated drink. What we obtain by using water kefir grains is a high quality probiotic, a real concentration of bacteria and yeast beneficial for our health.


Regarding the milk kefir, its grains look like tiny cauliflowers. In fact, it is about live microorganisms combined with various bacteria and yeasts. By fermentation in animal milk, a beverage called KEFIR MILK (just like the grains) can be obtained. It is a slightly acidic and soft drink, whose texture is very similar to that of a yogurt.


Finally, the term KOMBUCHA simultaneously means the ferment and the lacto-fermented drink that this ferment provides. The ferment has the shape of a disk, and this is the reason why it was named "kombucha disk". We’re talking about a living organism made up of a rich set of bacteria and yeasts held in symbiosis. When mixed with cold sweet tea, the kombucha produces a lacto-fermented beverage promoting good health, called "kombucha drink".


So, nothing is easier than preparing home recipes using probiotic grains (water kefir grains, milk kefir grains, kombucha grains), that you can purchase on our website:

Kefir and Kombucha Videos

Water kefir, milk kefir, kombucha: you are welcome to discover our probiotics on our videos about kefir and kombucha!

Milk Kefir Video

Some ideas in our video for your recipes with milk kefir

Water Kefir Video

Some ideas in our video for your recipes with water kefir

Kombucha Video

Some ideas in our video for your recipes with kombucha

Kefir and Kombucha Photo Gallery

Here you can find some photos of our probiotics

Milk Kefir Photos

Water Kefir Photos

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Frequently Asked Questions about Kefir and Kombucha

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What are probiotics?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), probiotics are "living micro-organisms that, when ingested in sufficient quantities, have positive health effects, beyond the traditional nutritional effects ". ("Report of a FAO / WHO Expert Consultation on Evaluation of Health and Nutritional Properties of Probiotics in Food Including Powder Milk with Live Lactic Acid Bacteria", October 2001).

Frequently Asked Questions about Milk Kefir

Fresh Milk Kefir Grains
Fresh Milk Kefir Grains

How to make milk kefir beverage?

Fresh Milk Kefir Grains
Fresh Milk Kefir Grains

The basic recipe for preparing the milk kefir drink is available in the Recipes section of the site or simply by clicking here.

A detailed user guide will be attached to your order.

Animal milk or vegetable "milk"?

Milk kefir grains mainly feed on ingredients found in animal milk (cow's milk, goat's milk, etc.).

For people who do not wish to consume animal milk, the use of vegetable "milk" (soy milk, almond milk, etc.) is an alternative, provided that kefir grains are regularly returned to animal milk.


Please pay attention to the fact that using only vegetable "milk" will result in the loss of grains over time because they do not find the nutrients they need.

Milk Kefir Grains
Milk Kefir Grains

In this picture, the milk kefir grains are about to thicken vanilla flavored organic soy milk.

Milk Kefir Grains
Milk Kefir Grains

... and here, the milk kefir grains thicken organic goat's milk.

How to store the milk kefir Grains?

If no milk kefir drink is being prepared, the grains can be stored in a non-metallic container in the refrigerator crisper, in a sufficient amount of milk  in order to cover the Grains, while making sure to leave some space so that they can have enough air.

You can also dry the grains on a clean cloth in the open air, covering them with muslin in order to avoid dust to enter. You can store them in a cupboard, in a jar covered with a muslin held by a rubber band. In order to reactivate dried milk kefir grains later, they must be soaked in lukewarm water for a few hours.

Another solution is to freeze the milk kefir grains and then let them defrost in the open air.

Dried milk kefir grains and the thawed ones usually take longer to reactivate, so you need to have patience.

Can milk kefir grains be eaten?

No, the milk kefir grains are in no way to be eaten: they must only be used in order to sow your drink!

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Kefir

Fresh water kefir grains
Fresh water kefir grains

How to prepare water kefir beverage?

Water Kefir Grains
Water Kefir Grains

The basic recipe for preparing the water kefir drink is available in the Recipes section of the site or simply by clicking here.

A detailed user guide will be attached to your order.

Sugar or honey for water kefir?

It is rather the use of sugar that is recommended for the preparation of water kefir beverages (white crystal sugar, cane sugar, rapadura sugar, etc.).

Regarding the use of the honey, as it is a bactericide, it could introduce compositional changes in the beverage that you obtain, so it should be avoid while preparing water kefir breverages.

My water kefir grains seem weakened

If water kefir grains appear to be weakened and no longer reproduce, do not hesitate to use another type of still water (for example, use bottled water instead of filtered tap water) or another type of sugar (use organic sugar instead of crystal sugar, chemically bleached).

Another solution is possible: put in the water kefir preparation an egg shell (preferably organic) previously boiled and cooled. The grains will find this way the calcium they sometimes need.

You can also put the grains in the refrigerator, in some sweet water.

How to store water kefir grains?

If you want to take a break in the preparation of water kefir drinks, the grains can be kept in a non-metallic container in the crisper of the fridge, in some sweet water, and in a sufficient amount in order for the grains to be covered.

As the grains needs to be fed, do not forget to rinse them from time to time and put them back in sweet water.

You can also freeze the grains or dry them.

For more details please feel free to take a look on our dedicated section, Grains conservation.

Can water kefir grains be eaten?

Water kefir grains are in not to be eaten: they must only be used in order to sow your drink!

Frequently Asked Questions about Kombucha

Kombucha disk
Kombucha disk

How to prepare kombucha drink?

The basic recipe for preparing the kombucha drink is available in the Recipes section of the site or simply by clicking here.

A detailed user guide will be attached to your order.

What to use for kombucha, sugar or honey?

It is the use of sugar that is recommended for the preparation of kombucha drink (white crystal sugar, cane sugar, rapadura sugar, etc.).The beverage requires sugar in order to ferment and stay alive. On the other hand, during the fermentation process, the sugar is converted into lactic acid and alcohol and at the end it is completely transformed.

Regarding the honey, this is a bactericide and therefore it could introduce composition changes in the beverage obtained and also it leads to the progressive loss of the "fungus".

It will happend the same if you use sweeteners: kombucha strain is exhausted and dies slowly.

Can kombucha be eaten?

Kombucha strain is not to be eaten: it must only be used in order to sow your drink.

How long does it take in order for the kombucha drink to be ready?

On average, it takes about 8 to 10 days for the kombucha drink to be ready.

While testing the beverage, it must be neither too sweet nor too acidic:

- if the taste is still a little too sweet, let the kombucha ferment one or two more days;

- if, on the contrary, you find the taste too acidic, let the next beverage ferment one day less.

Kombucha: Did it work?

When you start a new beverage, the "fungus" tends to sink to the bottom of the container that hosts it.

During the  fermentation, when it turns the tea, it produces carbon dioxide (CO2) under it, which makes it need some time to collect enough gas and bubbles to go back to the surface.

After a few days of preparation, a vinegar odor appears and a thin, transparent membrane forms above the "mushroom". All of this is perfectly normal and means that a new kombucha is on its way.

new kombucha, baby kombucha
Here, a new kombucha membrane has formed on the surface

My kombucha is damaged

By manipulating your kombucha, it sometimes happens that it is torn and that it is no longer as beautiful as a whole "mushroom". This problem is rather aesthetic, because this does not prevent it from constantly producing an additional layer on the surface of the jar that receives it.

The new membrane that forms over the damaged portion of the kombucha will simply be thinner, but after a few generations it will regain its normal thickness.

Sometimes, gas accumulates under the mushroom and pushes the new layer, still thin, above the surface of the liquid: in this case, simply lift the membrane so that the gas can escape. Thus, the membrane will again be in contact with the liquid and will have a more uniform growth.

What to do with the kombucha while in holidays?

The best thing to do during your absence is to put the kombucha in the refrigerator, in about 250 ml of its own liquid, provided you to leave a little air in the container so it can breathe. It then falls into "hibernation" and can be kept like that for about three months.

Otherwise, if you leave it in the open air, at a temperature of about 18 ° C (so not a very high one), the fermentation process continues, provided that the kombucha has enough sugar and oxygen.

For this reason, the best way to keep it during your absence is to put it in the refrigerator.

Kombucha Health Impacts

We can not generalize the effects of drinking kombucha beverages and say that the health impacts are the same for everyone. Each human body is different, and for this reason the effects of consuming this beverage may vary from person to person.

In general, the drink obtained by the fermentation of kombucha helps the body to heal itself.

Kombucha is also a refreshing, sparkling, pleasant-tasting, preservative-free drink that usually provides a sense of well-being.

We invite everyone to make their own experience of kombucha!

...a little wink to see the results of the kombucha consumption on the body:


Picture at left:                                 Picture at right:

Without kombucha                          With kombucha


Harald W. Tietz, Kombucha. The miraculous mushroom, Paris, Editions Amrita, 1998, p. 14

Consumption of kombucha by children

When producing the kombucha drink, the sugar that is added to the tea ferments during the process and it produces alcohol. The amount of alcohol depends at the same time on the temperature and also on the amount of sugar present in the fermentation jar.

With a minimum of 50 grams of sugar, the kombucha drink draws about 0.1% alcohol after 14 days, and about 0.3% after 21 days. If larger amounts of sugar are used (for e.g. 200 grams) the drink will reach 2% alcohol after 14 days, but its taste will be very sour and almost undrinkable. An ideal amount of sugar and a fermentation time of six to ten days produces a very low percentage of alcohol (Source: "Kombucha, The Miraculous Fungus", Harald W. Tietze, Amrita Editions, 2010). The drink can therefore be safely consumed by children and adolescents.

For comparison cider, obtained by the fermentation of apple juice, contains between 2% and 8% alcohol (source:

How much kombucha can be drink?

What is the "best" way to drink kombucha beverage? Everyone should discover their own answer to this question, since each body is different and we do not react in the same way.

Many things can be similar, but everything will not be the same; this must be taken into account when determining the amount of kombucha drink we consume.

Nature does not like excesses. This applies to the kombucha beverage also, because consumed in large quantities it can cause temporary discomfort to some people (headaches or stomach aches, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, constipation, pimples, redness, flatulence, etc.). This is why it is better to start with very small amounts and gradually increase the doses, week by week. If you start with two tablespoons taken three times a day you can normally prevent this kind of inconvenience.

The kombucha drink is not to consume permanently. An interruption of one to two weeks is welcome, so that the body can not get used to it and the expected effects of this drink continue to occur.

Green tea or black tea for kombucha?

Depending on the country, people prefer to consume black tea or green tea.

In Western Europe countries, people prefer generally the black tea, flavored or not with other plants (such as bergamot, etc.), fermented or semi-fermented, whose taste is stronger than the green tea's one, and whose stimulating effects are close to coffee's one.

In some countries of Asia and especially in Japan, it is the green tea that prevails; besides in this country, people usually also eat the green tea leaves, they are not consumed only in infusion.

Health and Wellbeing is for everyone!