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At a time when we eat more junk food and we compare to diseases that are often linked to our modern way of life, natural probiotics (kefir milk, water kefir, kombucha) may be a good way to take care of oursersves, to maintain and/or improve our health capital.


Water kefir grains provide a sparkling and refreshing drink, whose texture is similar to a soda; its taste is a neutral one and it is a highly appreciated drink. What we obtain by using water kefir grains is a high quality probiotic, a real concentration of bacteria and yeast beneficial for our health.


Regarding the milk kefir, its grains look like tiny cauliflowers. In fact, it is about live microorganisms combined with various bacteria and yeasts. By fermentation in animal milk, a beverage called « kefir milk » (just like the seeds) can be obtained. It is a slightly acidic and soft drink, whose texture is very similar to that of a yogurt.


Finally, the term « kombucha » simultaneously mean the ferment and the lacto-fermented drink that this ferment provides. The ferment has the shape of a disk, and this is the reason why it was named « kombucha disk ». We’re talking about a living organism made up of a rich set of bacteria and yeasts held in symbiosis. When mixed with cold sweet tea, the kombucha produces a lacto-fermented beverage promoting good health, called « kombucha drink ».


So, nothing is easier than preparing home recipes using probiotic strains (water kefir, milk kefir, kombucha), that you can purchase on our website:



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